How Trucking Changed My Life

Turning your life around is never easy.  I know exactly how it feels to work a job just for the weekly paycheck.  I spent years in the hot Florida sun working for a framing company, breaking my back and sacrificing my health.  I realized I needed a new direction; I wanted to be happy.

I took a chance and began a journey where I not only found my life’s purpose, I found freedom.  I was getting paid to travel and making my own rules without any bosses bothering me from sun up to sundown.  I was just a man and his truck loving life on the open road.

I saved up enough money as a company driver to become an owner-operator and had some financial stability. As I gained experience, I got some incredible opportunities.  I hauled everything from massive military freight to the space shuttle engines for NASA.  Now, I’m the program director for Peak Technical Institute’s CDL program.  I don’t just have a job anymore; I now have a career with endless possibilities.

The trucking industry is in need of more than 35,000 drivers right now.  Graduate from PTI in just three weeks to begin filling those jobs quickly.   If you or someone you know is looking for a new start and a promising career, contact us today at 855-399-PEAK or

Drive a truck.  Drive your life. With CDL training from Peak Technical Institute.


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    “I got hundreds of emails saying, ‘You’re telling my story! When my kids ask me how hard it is to be a truck driver, I just send them to your videos.’”

    • Clint heffner

      What video??

  • Gregory Willard

    I have always wanted to hear a truck drivers story about trucking. It makes me happy to hear that you saved up enough money to become financially stable. I think that is most peoples dream. Thanks for sharing your story.

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