class-a-cdl-training-aerialPeak Technical Institute’s Class A CDL commercial truck driver training facility, located in Maryville, TN (just outside of Knoxville in East Tennessee), boasts a custom concrete training range where students will practice all the skills necessary to earn a permit, including safely operating a vehicle, backing, coupling, uncoupling and emergency procedures. PTI provides equipment for Class A Commercial Driver Licensing (CDL license) testing, and owns a fleet of 2010 International Pro-Stars tractor-trailers used exclusively for student training.

Driver Safety

At many truck-driving schools, students train with trucks that are older and have less relevant equipment. The old-model trucks and equipment don’t fully prepare students for current industry safety standards. PTI, uses the most up-to-date equipment for training future truck drivers.PTI’s trucks are 2010 International Pro-Stars tractor-trailers featuring OnGuardTM, a collision safety system that shows the distance between the driver and the next vehicle. PTI is one of only three schools in the country that uses this safety equipment.The safety instruction is approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and is based on the FMCSA “Model Curriculum”.All instructors are specially trained to include safety demonstrations and concepts throughout the CDL coursework, including pre-trip safety emphasis to prevent problems on the road.PTI’s emphasis on safety elevates expectations for CDL training to a higher level by caring about everyone’s safety on the road – the truckers and the other drivers. Instructors emphasize safety as the number one priority every time a driver goes to work.